About me

About the founder 

Lorena Castaneda-Alvarez


Licensed Esthetician 

4x certified Hyaluron pen specialist

Certified body practitioner 

Certified pro make up artist


Born in East Los Angeles until the age of 9, and moved to Covina, Ca where I now own and operate my beauty business in. I attended FIDM in downtown LA to purse a career in fashion design, where I loved to design evening gowns and designed all my dresses in high school. College was a little challenging while trying to work full time and every morning taking the tram and subway to school. in 2009 I started my retail management career and decided to hold off on college and started a family in 2011. Retail gave me the chance to explore my creative side by merchandising, and becoming a personal shopper to many customers and dressing them head to toe. I then turned into a merchandise manager, and worked for various companies. In 2014 I struggled with a horrible cystic acne breakout and started to research products that can help me with my skin. What turned out to be something small at the time I never knew it would become huge later on. I went to Marinello Schools of Beauty to become a licensed esthetician, and freelance make up artist. As fashion was once my love and passion, I soon realized skincare and product ingredients was my new passion and it fascinated me so much I wanted to learn anything and everything about the skin so I can help others with the same skin condition. In 2019 the retail life came to an end and I took the beauty industry on as a full-time make up artist using my license to try to work with major make up brands, salons, and bridal wedding artists. I struggled to get my feet in the doors, and once I started a steady business early 2020 covid-19 hit. Even though businesses were struggling and closing down, I ended up starting up my esthetics business June 2020. Make up was not happening so I had to figure things out to make it happen, because I knew us women need our self care time especially coming out of the pandemic. I rented from various businesses and here I am today in my own studio near the 10 fwy and downtown Covina. The struggle was real, but I never gave up and I now have 4 beautiful children and had 1 during covid as well. If I can do it you can do it too! Believe and take the chance and don't hope for the best, be the best to achieve your goals!