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Hyaluron Pen training

Private 1 day Hyaluron Pen Training on Lip Fillers

The hyaluron pen is a needle-less device that deposits cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler onto the top of the epidermis without traditional needles or injections to infuse the lips, face or body. 

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Private 2 Day Advanced Hyaluron Pen group training on lips, facial contour & fat dissolving

Learn how to use the dual two headed pen for needle-less lip enhancements/ facial contouring, deep wrinkle fillers, and mesotherapy serums on different skin concerns and dissolving fat.

It can reduce wrinkles, marionette lines, 11s, smoker lines and it can give the lips a subtle natural look by layering the hyaluronic acid filler intervals of every 3 weeks to get  a fuller pout or plumped lips.

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